What I Eat

You are what you eat, right?

Well here’s a little side blog that’s dedicated to showing how one girl on a bike eats, cooks, and generally stays the right weight, and with a happy stomach.

It should be stated that:

  1. I am NOT naturally thin. I was obese as a child.
  2. My husband, however, IS naturally thin, and has a very high metabolism.
  3. We are both foodies.
  4. I am lactose intolerant. This blog stems from me trying to journal substitutions of dairy (and also meat) that work well, and taste delicious.
  5. I believe wholeheartedly that meat can be used to flavor and accent a meal, but more often than not, should not be the main course. There are AMAZING veggie meat alternates to work with, and I take advantage whenever I can. I make a chicken or beef meal, if we have a craving for it, or on special occasions.

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